DynaGlide Tool Lubricant

DynaGlide Tool Lubricant

dynaGLIDE™ is a combination of proven high-tech waxes that took 7 years to fully develop; A high-speed solvent that evaporates within minutes, carrying the lubricating waxes into the most minute crevices; A micro-thin lubricating film remains that withstands loads in excess of 350,000 PSI. A corrosion inhibitor is added for protection against rust and corrosion during use and storage.

dynaGLIDE™ is odorless when dry.

dynaGLIDE™ is not regular silicone, teflon, petroleum-based, wet, sticky, dirty, staining, migrating, contaminating, or harmful to wood, metal, plastics, paint, cork, fibers, and cloth.

This is a fantastic product for keeping moving parts running smooth. Great for saw blades, router bits, tool surfaces and moving mechanisms.

  • Eliminates the need for oils, greases and solvents.
  • Extends cutting blade life to improve cut.
  • Reduces friction thereby reducing wear.
  • Presents rust - penetrates instantly and dries in minutes.
  • Does not stain or discolor - can be painted or stained over.
  • Removes pitch.
  • Reduces sawdust build-up on sanding belts.




DynaGlide, 12oz spray


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